The Startover Journey

Every journey has stages. These are the stages of the startover journey. We will coach you through these stages, help you create your new future, set goals for moving toward it, and gently but firmly hold you accountable for progress.

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Stage 1:

your past self

The start of starting over is to understand how you got where you are now. Acknowledge past mistakes without getting mired in regret. Understand how past trauma may have affected your decisions. 


Stage 2:

Your present self

What you’ve done isn’t necessarily who you are — so who are you? Identify your strengths and values. Understand what drives you and how you can use it to drive your future goals.


Stage 3:

your future self

What do you want to do? What are your goals? How can you use your strengths and values to reinvent yourself? Visualize your future and create an action plan for how to get there.




meet Renee hopkins

writer & teacher

Renee Hopkins

I’ve spent my career learning things and sharing what I learned as a  journalist, coach, and educator. Love of learning and curiosity keep surfacing as my top strengths every time I take a strengths assessment. (If you’re interested in learning your strengths, I recommend this site.) I look forward to sharing with you what I know and what I learn about starting over. I’ll be sharing in the Startover School newsletter, webinars, and courses.